After feeding Similac To Your Child, Can You File A Lawsuit?

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Similac’s manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories, should be held accountable for injuring its customers. Fortunately, if your child has N.E.C. after consuming Similac formula, you can file a lawsuit against the formula makers to demand compensation.

Why Are People Filing Lawsuit Against Similac:

Parents who believe their baby formula products could have caused necrotizing enterocolitis (N.E.C.) in premature newborns have filed Enfamil lawsuits against producer Mead Johnson and Similac lawsuits against manufacturer Abbott Laboratories. The manufacturers did not disclose the risk to parents or medical professionals.

N.E.C. is a severe digestive disorder that destroys intestinal tissue and could be fatal in up to 50% of patients. It leads to intestinal inflammation, which could result in gut perforations. The bacteria from the intestine can leak into the blood or abdomen and cause fatal blood infections or other severe illnesses.

An observational report conducted in Neonatology found that babies fed baby formula had a considerably higher chance of getting N.E.C. than those fed only human milk. According to a different study published in The Journal of Pediatrics, breastfed newborns had fewer hazards than those fed breast milk and baby formula.

If your infant was exposed to Similac N.E.C. baby formula and was:

  • Low birth weight or early birth.
  • Given a necrotizing enterocolitis diagnosis.
  • Fed a formula prepared with cow’s milk or a Similac milk fortifier.

If you fall within one of the above-listed categories, an attorney with experience in product liability infant formula litigation can bring an N.E.C. case on your behalf against Similac.

Which People Are Eligible To File A Lawsuit Against Similac?

Customers were not informed of the dangers of necrotizing enterocolitis by Similac and Enfamil (N.E.C.). After feeding poisonous baby formula to a premature infant, that child’s parents may launch a lawsuit to recover damages. Similac may have been given to your baby in the hospital. Make sure to include the hospital’s name as well as its address.

You might have given your infant a Similac or Enfamil formula product after the hospital released your child. Attorneys advise parents to preserve receipts, proof of purchase, packaging, or formula boxes if they decide to file a lawsuit over the product.

So if your baby faces N.E.C. after Similac, call TruLaw to handle your case because they are experts in their job.